Consecrated by Jackie Kennedy as a symbol of style and elegance, Capri sandals are born from a craftsmanship tradition of over two centuries, and have long been an indispensable must-have, both for their beauty and for their comfort. In many vintage photos set on Capri in the 1960s, Jackie O ‘, a frequent habituĂ© of the island, is in fact portrayed while walking along the Capri streets wearing these shoes, which soon became an integral part of that dress-code that distinguished her and that helped create his inimitable look.

Made strictly by hand and made to measure with the best Tuscan leather, the typical Capri sandals resist the passage of time and fashions and undoubtedly remain the most exclusive product of local craftsmanship. Our motto is “The original has a nail.” Well yes: that apparently unsightly element represents instead a century of tradition, guaranteeing the authenticity of the real sandal Made in Capri.

Rich in Swarovski crystals, minimal, low or high, in leather or suede … Our proposals are truly varied and colorful: in addition to the carry over models, such as the more classic flip flops with the knot and the famous “slave”, we also make more models refined and trendy that fashion suggests.

Much more than handmade: sandals made with passion.